Leipzig vs Atletico Madrid Free Betting Prediction

Leipzig vs Atletico Madrid Free Betting Prediction

Leipzig vs Atletico Madrid Free Betting Prediction

The RB Leipzig team has grown exponentially in recent seasons, both internally and in Europe.

The Germans’ presence in these Champions League quarter-finals is precisely a reflection of that.

In the last edition of the Bundesliga, the formation led by Julian Nagelsmann ended in 3rd position, behind Bayern and Dortmund, achieved qualification for the ‘Champions’, but it was slightly below expectations, mainly because it remained very competitive in most of the championship and broke in the fight for the title and the 2nd place in the final stretch.

In this millionaire race, Leipzig qualified in a group with Lyon, Benfica, and Zenit and removed Tottenham in the round of 16.

The last official match made goes back to June 27, in the last round of the Bundesliga, against Augsburg (victory by 1-2). About two weeks ago, Leipzig made a friend with Wolfsburg, where they drew a ball.

Atletico Madrid also achieved what I believe can be called a feat in the round of 16.

Diego Simeone’s team is approaching the end of a season that has been in transition, due to the departure of several important figures (Griezmann at the head) and the attempt to change the paradigm of football practiced.

To be in these quarter-finals, the “colchoneros” eliminated the European champion in title Liverpool, with a 2-3 victory, in extra time, in the visit to Anfield Road, still last March.

In La Liga, Atlético came in 3rd place, behind Real Madrid and Barcelona and ahead of Sevilla. The team from the Spanish capital closed the championship on July 19, with a draw (1-1) against Real Sociedad.

This will be a tie decided in just one game, due to the new format decided by UEFA for the realization of the “final 8” in Lisbon.

Of course, the chances of a theoretically weaker team increase in this scenario, but I still believe that Atlético will have a greater capacity to manage the various moments of the game compared to Leipzig.

Remembering that Werner has already gone to Chelsea, Nagelsmann’s team has a lot of technique and irreverence, but also immaturity.

Despite the changes at Atlético, Simeone has more experienced players available and used to this type of decision and will not mind giving Leipzig a ball, camping in front of his goal, and taking advantage of the spaces left behind the German defensive to reach the goals.

Leipzig vs Atletico Madrid Free Betting Prediction

As Leipzig is a permeable team in the defensive transition, I would not be surprised if Atlético manages to win in 90 or 120 minutes or even on penalties, without forgetting that they have the “monster” Oblak between the posts.

Betting Prediction: Atletico Madrid to qualify
Odds: 1.53