Bets on Esports have become popular

Bets on Esports have become popular

Bets on Esports have become popular

Esports bets have become popular, especially since the coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the sports world, so in this period, electronic sports are “in power.”

Bets on Esports have become popular

Right, they were highly appreciated and before the advent of coronavirus, but lately, they have become an extremely interesting alternative for bettors. But most are not in the topic, so in this article we will try to review the basics regarding betting on electronic sports.

What are the most popular e-sports?

Currently, the most successful games are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Dota 2. There are annual international tournaments, organized either by the game developer or by various companies. The beating prizes are huge, exceeding the order of millions of dollars. For example, at The 2019 International (Dota 2 tournament) the prizes were over $ 34 million. At CS:GO, the prizes are much smaller, but even so, they are imprisoning.

Where can we bet on electronic sports?

As mentioned, the bets on Esports have become popular, these being found in the offer of many online betting agencies. Therefore, bookmakers offer the connoisseurs the opportunity to make a profit from electronic sports, offering more betting options.

What bets do we have on Esports?

Obviously, the most popular bets are those on winners, but besides these we find other interesting variants, such as bets on maps (winner of map 1, winner of map 2, number of maps), on kills (per player), handicaps or other special bets. In the absence of matches during this period, we invite you to try the bets on electronic sports, which you can find in online betting agencies.