Azerbaijan vs Croatia Free Betting Predictions 09/09/2019

Azerbaijan vs Croatia Free Betting Predictions

Azerbaijan vs Croatia Free Betting Predictions

Azerbaijan vs Croatia Today’s Betting Prediction

Azerbaijan vs Croatia play Monday in Group E of the Euro 2020 Preliminaries. The hosts occupy the last place in the group, with 0 points, after four defeats. In reply, the Croatian players come after a convincing 4-0 in Slovakia and are on equal points, 9, with Hungary, at the top of the hierarchy. Of course, they need a new convincing result in this game too, because Wales and Slovakia are only 3 lengths behind. And everything is still playing.

Azerbaijan: Team information, moment form

Azerbaijan has not accumulated any points in the group and is eliminated, as expected, from the race for the first two places leading to the Euro. In the last match, however, he played above average and posed problems for the Welsh. They prevailed, but it was necessary for Bale’s goal, in the 84th minute, to set the final score, 2-1.

Nikola Jurcevic’s boys are expected to fight for a positive result. At least one draw, as it was in the only direct game they played in Baku. Because on the move, they always gave in to Croatia.

And the Azeri have a reason to hope for miracles. Statistically. Sure, they lost 6 of the last 8 games at home, including the last 3. But never in history have they had four consecutive failures in their own fief.

Croatia: Team information, moment form

Croatia was the group’s favorite after the World Cup performance. But the campaign started with a failure in Hungary. And here it is with only 9 points in the account, as the team mentioned.

In the meantime, of course, they have set things right. In the sense in which they have accumulated maximum points from the other three meetings. But there remains a problem. Except for the game in Slovakia, the Croats received a goal in each of the games. However, now he would need to not receive in order to achieve his goal more easily.

And there is a reason for fear. It is only the second away victory of the last 6 matches in the Euro preliminaries. In addition, there have been no successes on foreign soil in the preliminary phase of this competition since 2010.

Our Best Betting Predictions Azerbaijan vs Croatia

Normally, Croats should prevail in this game. Unless, like Sunday, we will have some new surprises from small teams.

I will go on the fact that it is not scored in the first quarter of an hour and on a match with few corners. Because the Croatian game system does not favor the occurrence of these events.

Betting prediction: It is not scored until 14:59
Odds: 1.32

Prediction Today: Under 11 corners
Odds: 1.60