Vitesse – Viitorul Europa league Betting Predictions 2/08/2018

For the match between Vitesse and Viitorul, I recommend that you count on the fact that you will score between two and four goals in the match.

In the first hand, it was 2-2 at Ovidiu.

The future has a fragile defense, evident in the match with Dunarea Calarasi when he received a goal on his own.

Vitesse is a solid team in the offensive, with no brilliant players but good professionals with remarkable resumes. Vitesse has created other opportunities at Ovidiu, in addition to the two goals scored.

The future showed an increase in his offensive game, with Dragus’s efficiency, Matan’s speed, Houri’s ability and cold blood of Vodut.


Best football tips for today on Europa League: They will score between two and four goals


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