Champions League Sheriff Tiraspol vs Shkendija 79 Tetovo 31/07/2018

Champions League Sheriff Tiraspol vs Shkendija 79 Tetovo

The Shkendija 79 Tetovo won the first leg with the result of one to zero, and it will be very complicated for Sheriff Tiraspol to succeed in the comeback. The biggest problem for the Moldovan team is that they have not been able to score away: if the Shkendija manages to score at least one goal, it will be necessary for the Sheriff to win with at least two goals to qualify.

As seen in the first leg, Shkendija is able to make at least one goal for this lap too. After taking advantage of a free-kick thanks to the gift from the opposing goalkeeper Zvonimir Mikulic, the Macedonian team proved to know how to play very well on the break, almost doubling the lead in at least a couple of occasions.
The goal was also for the Sheriff, which in any case is the team with an economic value of the highest rose. As in the first leg, the Sheriff will focus mainly on the play of the left side Jô Santos, hoping that the center
Alhaji Kamara is more reactive.

Football Prediction Sheriff Tiraspol vs Shkendija 79 Tetovo

In the first leg there were numerous scoring opportunities, a sign that the defenses are not so solid. And given that there will be at least one team forced to topple, initially the Sheriff, there is to be expected a match with at least a couple of goals, especially in the second half, with the home team favored for the victory.
The Champions League lists of Sheriff Tiraspol-Shkendija 79 Tetovo


Goalkeepers: Zvonimir Mikulić, Nicolai Cebotari, Serghei Paşcenco. Defenders: Petru Racu, Benjamin Balima, Christian, Vadim Dijinari, Vladimir Kovačević, Ivan Voropai, Ante Kulušić, Mateo Sušić, Veaceslav Posmac. Midfielders: Gerson Rodrigues, Abdoul Gafar, Alexandr Belousov, Gheorghe Anton, Antun Palić, Evgheni Oancea, Yuri Kendysh, Rifet Kapić. Forwards: Jô Santos, Andrei Cobeţ, Ziguy Badibanga, Alhaji Kamara, Alexandru Boiciuc.


Goalkeepers: Kostadin Zahov, Artan Iljazi, Saljadin Mustafi, Bekim Redjepi. Defenders: Alma Wakili, Egzon Bejtulai, Visar Musliu, Mevlan Murati, Arlind Aliti, Konstantin Cheshmedjiev, Mevlan Adili. Midfielders: Armend Alimi, Ennur Totre, Arbin Zejnulai, Stênio Júnior, Besmir Bojku, Florent Ramadani, Ščiprim Taipi, Omar Imeri, Blagoja Todorovski. Attackers: Besart Ibraimi, Remzifaik Selmani, Shefit Shefiti, Marjan Radeski, Izair Emini, Valjmir Nafiu, Ensar Ljuma.

Betting Tips: 2-1

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