World Cup Prediction Japan – Senegal 24/06

World Cup Prediction Japan - Senegal

Japan – Senegal World Cup Prediction

Group H is turned upside down. The most fragile team of this group, Japan, brought many problems for this game, was considered not favorite and eventually won the game, against one of the candidates for the first place. But the Japanese almost went in to win, with a penultimate and ejection, in the minute 5, which not only led them to advance in the marker but to play practically the whole game in numerical advantage. Colombia, with 10 still managed to tie, and in the 1st part was better team. However, he suffered the tiredness in the second half and Japan managed to reach the second goal and solve the game. Also Senegal played with Poland, and the Poles had a slight favoritism, but here too the victory ended up smiling at the less favorite team. And also this game had a story to tell. Senegal’s first goal was an own goal and the second will make a lot of ink, as it benefited from the position of one of their players, a few seconds after re-entering the game, without the Polish defense noticing. All added to Japan and Senegal with 3 points, which will certainly influence the course of this game in the Ekaterinburg Arena. Who will get ahead in the round of 16 of the World Cup?

This game is marked by the fact that the two teams arrive with victories. Japan beat Colombia (1-2) and Senegal to Poland for the same result.

But Japan, even with 11 to 10, struggled to beat Colombia. He did not disguise some of the identified gaps. With 11 to 11 will have more difficulties.

Senegal have confirmed the good indications, with a strong midfield and defense, and a lot of transitions.

With both teams with 3 points, the tie could be a lesser evil, so it is expected that the teams try to win, but in a patient way. This may have an influence on the goals scored, especially in the first period.

Prediction Japan – Senegal

Before starting the World Cup, Senegal already promised more than the Japanese team. After the games of the first round you get this idea more reinforced. Japan sweated a lot to beat Colombia, even with one more player, practically the whole game. Senegal are favorites to win this match. Senegal’s win, protected from draw, will be a “right” bet with value. Senegal (0) Asian handicap.


Prediction Today: Under 0.5 goals in range
Odds: 2.62

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