Bet365 Football Betting

Bet365 is known in the sportsbook industry for its excellent betting offer, and hardly any other bookmaker offers its customers as many betting options as the British bookmaker.
Even though the Bet365 betting offer is extremely strong and extensive in many sports, the focus on the field of football can already be seen from the very first look at online betting.
Not surprisingly, most bookmakers generate up to 80% of their bets on King Football.
Imposing, huge, mighty or almost limitless. These are all names that describe the football betting program of Bet365.
In our opinion, there is hardly a bookmaker (possibly with one or two exceptions) who also only offers an almost as extensive selection of betting markets as football.

There is hardly a league or a competition, for which the British Bookie would not have a multitude of football bets in its repertoire. Fans of the leather ball are sure to get their money, it is difficult to imagine that a major event is not covered by Bet365.

In addition, if a desired football event is not actually to be found on Bet365, we see little chance that it is in another online bookie’s program.

The Bet365 start page is divided into two main sections, on the left side the current Bet365 live bets and on the right side the top betting programs of the day selected by the bookmaker.
In both areas football appears at the top and dominates the screen to a large extent.

Huge football betting offer

For easier orientation in the huge football offer, the overview is divided into useful subcategories, such as European top leagues, Champions League or international matches.
If you take the trouble and rummage through the complete offer, you will discover football games from a total of up to 80 different countries in Bet365 betting offer.
Bet365 is still on top and regularly offers matches from the leagues as well as junior and women’s football.

Special bets on Bet365

A look at the special bets and special bets for the individual football matches opens up new dimensions.
For each league match there is a wide selection of different types of bets, from result bets to Asian handicaps, it is all there.

Bet365 offers a huge amount of special bets for each single league match. If the kick-off is closer, the number of betting markets per game will rise again. The area “scorers” presents itself particularly extensive and lovingly designed.
Here you can bet on any player in the team of the clubs – you can choose bets on whether the player scores the first goal or the last goal in the game, or whether he hits the goal at any time in the game.

Live Betting: Recommended in all respects

Live betting is growing in popularity and accounts. No wonder that the bookmakers strive to offer a top performance in this area.

In times when smartphones and tablets with regular Internet access are commonplace, the demand for betting in real time is increasing.
By means of “Second Screen” (the use of a second screen in parallel to the current television program), it is easy to follow a football match on TV and to translate your findings into live betting and the highest possible chances of winning.

Also in this regard, the range of live bets at Bet365 goes beyond the scope. While some competitors have been slow to get started, the British online bookie has a wide range of live games in store at any time of the day.

Whether Erendivisie, 2nd league, Primera Division or Brazil’s upper league – at Bet365 one can bet in real time. Also with the live betting the offer of special and special bets is very high.
Even for the Polish Ekstraklasa the bookmaker offers more than 70 betting markets. Who scores the next goal, victory lead or the most different Handicap bets: all this is also to be found in less popular leagues.
The outstanding performance is rounded off by an extremely large number of live streams that Bet365 provides to its customers (albeit with country restrictions, depending on residence).

Among other things, the British bookie delivers live broadcasts from the Japanese league, the French Ligue 1 or certain games from the Spanish Primera Division.

Learn how to win football bets every time !

Betting odds: Bet365 also in football top

Of course, the Bet365 betting odds may also remain in connection with the football offer – as in the entire betting offer, the Bet365 odds are among the best and most attractive in the big sports betting test in the football section.

In top games from Champions League or World Cup or European Championship in our tests at Bet365 quota key of up to 98 percent have been achieved. Thus, the British provider is also in this category to the absolute top. Read our detailed review of the Bet365 betting odds.

Conclusion: Bet365 is ahead

After the intensive discussion of Bet365’s football bets, one thing is clear:
The British understand their business perfectly and have put together a package in the field of football, which is rightly awarded the title “excellent” and has won the big sports betting test.
Even though most bookmakers now have very attractive football betting offers – Bet365 is crowning the field of football betting!
The deciding factor was not only the quantity and quality of the football bets, but also the offer of live betting, including livestreams and an outstanding betting odds level.

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